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Welcome !

Welcome to the Coronado Neighborhood Association (CNA) web site.  The Coronado Neighborhood Association was established in 1984, originally called CHINA.  The Association became inactive in the late 1990s and was dormant until July, 2003, at which time the residents surrounding the Resler Arroyo/Canyon within the CNA boundaries received notice of a development application for a residential subdivision in the arroyo.  The Association reactivated at that time to preserve it.  The arroyo is the central natural land feature within the CNA and is an ecologically sensitive area that is regulated by seven El Paso Municipal Codes and El Paso's Comprehensive Plan.  On December 21, 2005 CNA founding member Dr. Richard V. Teschner donated $1.85 million to The Frontera Land Alliance, an El Paso Land Trust, who then purchased the 91 acre Resler Canyon from the Hunt Building Corporation two days later, December 23, 2005, for preservation in perpetuity.  The official name of the canyon is now "Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve of Resler Canyon".  Preservation of the Resler Canyon could not have been possible without the generosity of Richard Teschner and the cooperation of the Hunt Building Corporation and The Frontera Land Alliance. 

The CNA is a registered City of El Paso Neighborhood/Civic Association, incorporated in the State of Texas.  The Neighborhood Association deals with issues within the neighborhood boundaries (see the map link at the bottom of this page) and Civic Association status allows our Association to receive development and zoning notification from the City within the entire Northwest El Paso Planning area (second map link on this page).  Even though the preservation of the Resler Arroyo/Canyon has been the central issue for the CNA, the Association is also striving to improve the quality of life within the neighborhood boundaries, such as other land use issues, parks improvements, traffic control, and neighborhood planning.  For example, improvements to Paul Harvey and Ponsford Parks are another goal for CNA.  We encourage you to browse through this site to learn more about the Association and gain a better understanding of its purpose as stated in the CNA Mission Statement below.

CNA Mission Statement
The purpose of the Coronado Neighborhood Association, “Association”, shall be to enhance that area of the City of El Paso,  El Paso County, State of Texas bounded on the West by Interstate 10, bounded on the North by Resler Drive to include Sandcastle and Western Skies Subdivisions, bounded on the East by Mesa Street, bounded on the South by Sunland Park Drive.  The Association shall promote a better neighborhood and community through group action, so that the quality of life in the area shall be in keeping with the social, environmental, cultural and historic needs and interests of the general public.  To this end, the activities of the Association shall include, but are not limited to, cooperative planning research, crime prevention, literacy programs, positive youth development programs, community development, fundraising, public education programs, membership, and monthly meetings, as they are deemed necessary.  

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